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How Restaurant Owners can turn their existing underutilized kitchens in to profitable & productive ?

How can Restaurant, Pubs, Cafes and Hotels turn their existing kitchen in to Profitable Asset with The Flavor Factory?

During Covid19 pandemic, even though food delivery is growing faster but traditional restaurants, pub, café or hotel operators are missing on this opportunity and rather struggling with poor kitchen utilization and profitability.

Delivery focused ghost kitchens are changing the way how food is prepared and delivered lowering initial investment and improving operational efficiencies but not every restaurant, pub, café can leave their premise and rent new dark kitchen spaces, so something needs to be done to improve kitchen utilization and profitability of existing restaurant, pub, café kitchens rather than creating new dark kitchen infrastructure.

The Flavor Factory has spotted this problem which was ignored by all big players who are investing billions in infrastructure and Logistics to create new dark kitchen inventory.

The Flavor Factory helps existing restaurants, pubs & cafes to identify and harness business potential of their kitchen by doing target customer analysis and transforming it into multi-brand multichannel delivery focused kitchen with (g)host Kitchen enabler system.

Economics of Single Restaurant Vs. Multiple Virtual Brand Restaurant

The sample economics in below table demonstrate how profitability of traditional restaurant can increase dramatically by operating more virtual brands from existing underutilized kitchen

The Flavor Factory has developed 150+ virtual restaurant food brands optimised for takeaway or delivery across 15 different food categories which can be licensed to any restaurant, pub, café or hotel as part of Virtual restaurant As A Service ( VR-A-A-S) model which helps to convert traditional kitchen into multibrand multichannel ghost kitchen.

The Flavor Factory’s (g)host kitchen enabler system is full stack solution which combines Menu engineering and Technology solution to helps restaurants, cafes, pubs or hotels

Operate multiple virtual food brands listed on multiple delivery channels from same kitchen and single device.

The Flavor Factory transforms existing kitchens in 3 steps starting with Business Potential analysis and Kitchen assessment followed by Multi-brand recommendation and order sourcing from multiple channels.

What Steps Restaurant, Pubs , Cafes and Hotel owners need to take to get maximum out of this food delivery revolution happening now.

Step1: Get the target customer analysis and business potential analysis done by The Flavor Factory for Food delivery business in 3-5 mile radius from location of restaurant, pub, cafe or hotel kitchen.

Step2: Make a phase-wise plan with The Flavor Factory to introduce new virtual brands in kitchen inline with manpower and kitchen equipment.

Step3: Work with The Flavor Factory to license suitable brands and finalize menus/recipes, initial stock and packaging etc.

Step5: Work with The Flavor Factory to identify and source orders from multiple delivery channels available in the area in to single device with auto-acceptance and printing on Kitchen Printer

Start receiving additional orders every hour/day and make more sales every week/month !!

The Flavor factory helps restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels to increase their F&B revenue significantly making their kitchens more productive and profitable assets.

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